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The first-ever recorded baseball game played on North American soil may have actually occurred in the small village of Beachville, Ontario in 1838 – one year before Abner Doubleday purportedly formalized baseball’s rules in Cooperstown, New York, and nearly forty years before the first organized indoor ice hockey game took place in Canada.

Over the next few decades, amateur and professional baseball leagues popped up around Eastern Canada. citizens – both black and white – caught wind of the deal and flocked to the region.

The Montreal fans’ love for the sporting trailblazer was most apparent after the last game of the year, when the Royals won the league championship.A hoard of gleeful fans chased Robinson through the Montreal streets, from the ballpark to the team hotel.“It was probably the only day in history that a black man ran from a white mob with love instead of lynching on its mind,” Robinson’s friend Sam Maltin wrote the next day in the .The Buffaloes’ youthful players “Butch” Davis and John Irvin Kennedy were eventually signed by the MLB’s St.Louis Browns organization, finding spots on minor league teams.

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