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For those who are looking to grow your business in these specialty markets, you need a freight forwarder who knows the territory. We have the connections, equipment and resources needed to get the simplest, most economical and effortless transport possible. Learn More Our logistics group—AFF Logistics—specializes in handling the strange, the odd, and the unusual.

Our experience getting cargo to the wilds of Alaska comes in very handy when orchestrating complex and difficult logistics projects.

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Over the last three decades, Kiel Mortgage has been serving the home lending needs of home owners and home buyers in Washington, Oregon, California and (soon to be) Idaho.

A worker posted a desperate plea on a Facebook page for foster parents that morning last June: “Insomnia anyone? The boys in Tacoma still need placement.” Workers’ earlier posts had offered an “exceptional cost placement” for the teens.

That’s code for payments that can top 0 a night — more than the base rate foster parents get for a whole month of care — as an incentive for foster parents to take a child.

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As SEMS is made operational, nightly data refresh routines will be reestablished.Since then, Investigate West has learned that the top rate the state is willing to pay has nearly doubled over the last year from 5 to 0.And new payment records requested from the state, as well as confidential but incomplete data obtained by Investigate West, show that at least a handful of foster families are making a small fortune on the practice.The profile includes information such as the current status of cleanup efforts and what cleanup milestones have been reached.Non-NPL and archived sites are displayed in a less graphical format.

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