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Known in England as Dresden porcelain and, in France, as porcelaine de Saxe (Saxony), Meissen porcelain was the first true version of the Chinese type produced in Europe.After the formula was discovered in late 1707 by Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus & Johann Friedrich Böttger, production started at the Meissen factory in 1710. A notable enhancement was introduced in in the 1730s with the invention of a blue underglaze decoration called zwiebelmuster (onion motif).Known as an important plastic art, "Ceramics" (derived from Keramos, Greek for 'potter's clay') refers to items made from clay bodies and fired in a kiln to obtain the finished form.Outside of art, due to new technological processes, the term ceramics now encompasses a wider group of materials, including glass and cements, so clay is no longer a key component.• What is the Difference Between Pottery and Ceramics? - Earthenware - Stoneware - Porcelain • How is Pottery Made?

A soft white clay, essential for the creation of china and porcelain, kaolin is named after Kao-Ling (Gaoling) a hill in Jiangxi, China, where it was mined for centuries.

shaping); (2) firing (baking in a kiln); (3) glazing/decorating (coating the object with a glaze, or applying to it various decorative techniques); (4) Refiring (rebaking) to harden the glaze.

There is a broad distinction between "fine arts" (unique objects created purely for their visual or aesthetic appeal) and "crafts" (objects which, no matter how visually decorative are usually functional and typically made to a formula).

It has been used in the manufacture of pottery since prehistoric times.

Some experts consider that the earliest known fine art ceramic sculpture is the cache of figurines unearthed at Dolni Vestonice in the Czech Republic, as exemplified by the Venus of Dolni Vestonice, a statuette of a nude female figure, which has supposedly been dated to approximately 25,000 BCE.

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