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Gain strong buy-in from your organization's and your partner organizations' leadership. had the support of KMHS's administrative director, chief executive officer, and other senior leaders, who all led the program's development and implementation.

To ensure program sustainability, leaders even participated on a state advisory board working to integrate mental health, physical health, and substance abuse treatment.

In addition, staff members of KMHS and community partners work at jails, courts, primary care clinics, schools, and community action programs. " to improve clients' physical health as well as their mental health and any co-occurring substance use disorders, while also reducing healthcare costs.

As part of multidisciplinary teams, staff members receive training on physical health conditions, substance use, chronic diseases such as diabetes, enhanced care coordination with primary care, and patient self-management programs.

KMHS developed a training academy to provide a quick orientation to staff about its integrated care model.

In addition, KMHS continued training during care team meetings.

Another challenge is that the integration of a bidirectional system of care requires practice transformation at multiple levels, from practice redesign, licensure, workforce preparation, financing, and perceptions of value of integrated services delivery, ultimately creating a cultural shift that takes place over time.

Replication Rely on staff members' expertise when researching other models and designing your own.

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Clients who are assigned a medical provider (a psychiatrist or an advanced registered nurse practitioner) receive the following physical health services at KMHS: Along with bringing physical health into its own practice, KMHS provides HHP with behavioral health interventions and referrals and provides psychiatric consultations for the primary care providers in the community.

Build or strengthen relationships with other community organizations.

KMHS already had a strong relationship with HHP, so it was easier to coordinate care between the two facilities. Before receiving the Health Care Innovation Award, KMHS reorganized its staff into multidisciplinary care teams and changed office locations so that team members worked closer to one another and could collaborate more easily.

Please see the Professional Referee Organization for current MLS assignments and useful analysis of the game and current issues.

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