Lenny and squiggy on the dating game

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Fawcett was "a former beauty title holder" and aspiring artist, who "hoped to own her own gallery."For four decades, Lange also worked as a disc jockey in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.He is survived by his second wife, a former Miss America whom he married in 1978, a sister, five children, two stepchildren, and four grandchildren.Laverne resists becoming a volunteer nurse until her latest heartthrob enters the hospital.Bachelor Mothers Season 2, episode 3 W: Barry Rubinowitz D: Howard Storm With Henry Winkler (Arthur Fonzarelli), Udana Power (Louisa). D: John Thomas Lenox With Ron Howard (Richie Cunningham), Anson Williams (Potsie Weber), Stephanie Faracy (Debra Lee).Mother Knows Worst Season 1, episode 15 W: Arthur Silver D: Alan Myerson With Pat Carroll (Lily 'Barb' Feeney), Bill Chaffin (Billy), Helen Page Camp (Mrs. A telegram brings the relatively disturbing news that Shirley's mother is coming to visit. She Said Season 2, episode 1 W: Jack Winter D: Howard Storm With Bo Kaprall (Policeman). Shirley wants to buy her first car but she can't afford it, so she tries to talk Laverne into going "halvesies", not knowing that Laverne is terrified of driving.Angels Of Mercy Season 2, episode 2 W: Michael Warren, William Bickley D: Howard Storm With Jack Perkins (Patient), Chanin Hale (Nurse), Charles Frank (Jerry Callihan).Good Time Girls Season 2, episode 8 W: Laura Levine D: James Burrows With Greg Antonacci (Hector), Stephen Nathan (Kevin), Bruce Kimmel (Scott), Fred Willard (Man in Bathroom). Laverne and Shirley and their friends entertain at a hospital Christmas party.

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Occasionally, there were celebrity guests on the show as well, including Michael Jackson, Steve Martin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and "Brady Bunch's" Maureen Mc Cormick and Barry Williams.Pandemonium takes over when a non-English speaking German delivery man collapses in a faint in the girls' apartment.From Suds To Stardom Season 1, episode 14 W: Buz Kohan D: James Burrows With Garry Marshall (Drum Player), Joyce Aimee (Accordian Player), Leland Palmer (Gloria), Ogden Talbot (Wilbur), Jerry Belson (Mr. Laverne and Shirley's determination to win a place in the brewery's annual talent show gains them a bittersweet victory.Several stars, including Farrah Fawcett, Suzanne Somers, and John Ritter, appeared as contestants before becoming famous.The late Ritter was especially funny — a drama student at the time, he mugged for the camera in a very Jack Tripper way.

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