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Police were alerted to the fraud after receiving information from four different men from across the UK saying they had been part of a romance scam.

Three further victims of Akintaro’s scam were found as part of the investigation.

As for Amanda Jenson, police could find no evidence that this person existed, and the picture Akintaro used on Match appeared to be of a woman who has no idea this fake profile exists.

Another woman, 22-year-old Victoria Nwogu, of Piedmont Road in Plumstead, received £3,490 into accounts she controlled as part of this scam.

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He also posted a reference to Keddles, believed to be the mixed martial arts gym in Orpington. A user of the chat group, who does not wish to be named, said: “He had come into the room on his regular screenname that he uses and then for some reason he went and changed his screenname.

“When he actually comes in the room he is always on the microphone and he talks.

Most of the bank accounts involved in the fraud had an address of Pettacre Close, Woolwich, where Akintaro lived.

In total, Akintaro received £104,962.88 into accounts she directly controlled from August 2014 to December 2015.

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