Physically intimidating

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But that is where the problem lies: it’s simply not that easy to just ‘become’ more confident.If it was, then probably none of us would have low confidence in the first place…

For a guy this might just mean a smart white suit, or it could be a ‘loud’ belt, or it might mean a bright red t-shirt that’s quite tight (or a tank top even if you don’t have the body to pull it off).

Confidence, so we are told, is the secret to success in many areas of life.

If you are confident then you will instantly be more attractive to the opposite sex, you will be entrusted with more important roles at work and you will attract opportunities and inspire allegiance.

For a woman, this might mean a shorter skirt than you would normally wear with some high heels, or it might be a bright red lipstick which you were more confident (this is a good question to ask yourself) or better yet – get someone else who you trust to choose the clothes that will be most flattering on you.

Getting others to dress us is actually very often a smart way to try clothes outside of our normal comfort zone.

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