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For as long as this offer is on the table, we officially no longer feel bad for the out of work.We had a very interesting discussion about Chatroulette here last week.As a social scientist, it just leaves me wanting more.Because of its very nature, it would be difficult to study, but part of me feels like if I keep exploring it, I’ll be able to draw some sort of conclusions about it.Lock up your daughters and bolster their surf-control settings: the latest web fad is here and, before long, it's bound to get more responsible journalists than me writing scare stories about its potential abuses."Chat Roulette" (that's, people) has seen its user numbers shoot up to more than 10,000 from less than 500 at the turn of the year. Like some bastard child of Skype and Stumble Upon, Chat Roulette drops you into a face-to-face conversation, via your webcam, with one random stranger after another, at the click of a mouse.There are existing chatrooms, notably, that randomly pair users from all over the world, but Chat Roulette's anonymous founders seem to be the first to have introduced video to the experience.Since there are no age restrictions on the site, one friend of a friend found himself holding up a perfectly decent conversation with a 13-year-old girl.It was only when her mother walked into her bedroom that he wondered how, exactly, the poor woman would feel about finding her daughter talking to a strange man on the internet.

He reminds me of many great young entrepreneurs we've worked with and his story sounds so familiar.It seems astounding that it's taken so long for someone to come up with something so simple – and the site itself looks like it was indeed designed in the dark ages of the internet.There's a box for your webcam feed, a box for the strangers' webcam feeds, a box for instant messaging, and a button that says "Next". Most Chat Roulette exchanges last only a fleeting few seconds: the time it takes the stranger to see you, decide on the evidence of your face or your wallpaper that you're worth no more of their time, and click onto their next chat.Just ask your average anonymous message board commenter.In this case, your conversation partner may be able to see your face (or another body part), but chances are they're not even in the same country.

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